Friday, April 4, 2014

putting things into perspective

today i talked to a very dear friend of mine
we have been friends for a very very long time
mary k and i first met at church in florida many many years ago
and we became instant friends
you know the type of person you meet and well you know that you have been friends forever
that is mary k

she stood by me during one of the hardest times in my life
held me up when i did not think i ever could stand again
prayed with me and for me in the most darkest of hours
never judging, always just being.

we have not talked on the phone to each other in years....i mean years...but keeping in touch on facebook
that is what i love about facebook...keeping in touch with old friends
there was so much to talk about, past times, good times, bad times and sad times

the sad times immediately we started crying...barely making out sentences of what we were trying to say and knowing what each other was saying. we shared a lot..and cried even more.

heck i am still crying 30 minutes later about it all.

i feel like it was an awakening. finally talking about somethings
 i have not talked with anyone about.
 no one.
 it had to be talked to with someone who felt the same, someone i knew well
someone like mary k.

thank you, mary k. i know what direction to take things into now.
it is my time to shine.
thank you for the laughs and tears.
and thank you for always always being my friend.


Monday, March 24, 2014

monday thoughts....

i believe this statement more than you know.
last week was just a pure crap week, no other way to describe it.

i found myself at a very low and dark point and had to express my feelings on something
in a very scary way to someone. i do not like to get into that mood i was in but i was
pushed to the end of my rope. no violence or drama, but just a scary matter-of-fact way in
a tone of voice i have not used in many many years. i am hoping i never have to do that again.

one of my dear friends and i have joined weight watchers
so far i am liking it alot better than when i did it before
the thing is when you realize the wrong choices you have made
you are now educated as to what the right choices are
as with anything in life it is all a learning curve , right?

have you tried cara cara oranges? holy cow are they fabulous!
i will gladly pay the little extra for them for the flavor and goodness
they provide.

i have been watching some fun movies lately
i saw 'saving mr banks'... loved it
'red' and ' red 2' what a fun romp of hit men action those were,
and i am convinced helen mirren is a goddess and can do no wrong...she is a hoot in these.
'guess who's coming to dinner' was on the other morning...classically awesome film
'goonies' has been on all weekend on tv too...
yeah i have a wide range of tastes in movies.

nearly all our snow is gone...gone you hear me...gone.
now if the temperatures would just rise it would all be good!
my daffodils are about an inch high so far
and the tigers home opener is in 7 days.
come on sun...warm us up!

and a total random thought...
i need a haircut.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

six drawers of happiness

so at work we were having a sale
and i just could not pass this up

i have been looking for something to keep all my hand stitching things in one place
you know , instead of all the tiny boxes of things everywhere.

of course i could not sleep the other night and  was just coherent enough
to put this together
but i had to let it sit empty for a while to tell me what it wanted to be filled with

papers and rubber stamps?
polymer clay?
mixed media stuff?
(i swear i have just enough stuff to open a little shop)
then it hit me...
my embroidery stuff!

so here we go...check it out....locking wheels and everything
and the top is sturdy i can even set my laptop on it

first drawer has some storage containers with some floss, thread and ribbons
and my #5's on the hanging boards

2nd drawer....i am on my quest to get all the dmc colors
of course you cannot do this all at once 
not only would the sales person ringing you want to kill you for scanning them all separately
but you will go broke getting them all at once.
and winding them all would drive me insane.

3rd drawer currently holds some pretty cool crazy quilt blocks i am working on
along with a pretty cool book 

4th drawer holds some pillow tops i am embroidering and an old needle case 
i am deconstructing that case. i need a different one.

5th drawer holds a most excellent book
any of the a-z books are great
also houses some fabrics and my notebook

6th and final drawer is kind of a hodge podge. 
blank cd's, a tin of needles,glittery clothespins, some old cross stitch i have to repair
and my challenge pack for cherrywood fabric's 'wicked challenge"


Sunday, March 9, 2014

you're a smart girl....but....

one day at a job i am no longer at, i had a person in authority say to me
quite out of the blue...
you're a smart girl...but you don't show it. you really act dumb.

you who are supposed to be the all knowing , all seeing hiring and human resources guru
said this to me...what the heck?
all i could do is look at this person and think ...what is THAT supposed to mean?

i still do not know, all these years later.

i ran into this person not too long ago, they had come into where i work
they were shocked and surprised to see me. (who knows why)
and after taking care of a situation this one had with something,
they softly said "thank you for your help, you really know what you are doing"

NEVER judge a book by it's cover.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

baked ranch chicken!

well here we go
i am very fortunate to live near a great butcher shop 
their meats are great and the chicken breasts are HUGE
so i decided to get one whole breast the other day and do something fun with them

i cut the breasts in strips about 2 inches wide on a slight angle
and this seriously gave me about 15 good size strips

i put them in a bowl and then tossed with about 1/4 cup or so of ranch dressing
tossed that with a spoon, then i thought what now?
oh! i found a half bag of panko bread crumbs that were italian style
toss that in next and mix with the spoon. i did not take the chicken out and do the dredging 
i just tossed it all in the same bowl!

then i baked it in the oven for about 50 minutes at 350
i prefer to bake my chicken on a wire rack lifted off the baking tray 
several reasons : it does not sit in any grease, it also helps lift the chicken to have a little more even cooking going on with it. nothing worse than lifting that chicken up and having all the yummy coating stay on that pan.

and viola!
here we have it, a very tasty way to do the chicken to give it a little more flavor 
than just salt and peppering it.

i decided to serve mine with buttered orzo noodles 
and a dark leaf lettuce salad with ranch


Thursday, February 20, 2014


i have been working on some crazy quilt blocks
and forgotten how much i love to stitch
i find it very relaxing

these past two months have been so busy
time to pick up the needle and thread again

i need to relax

Monday, January 13, 2014

monday randoms.....

 there is just something about pirates....

 the february retreat is coming up! nearly sold out, this will be super fun !!

 looking forward to being outside again

 this little dog is my heart. he is a brat and steals my blanket but i love him

 hand stitching some cool crazy quilt blocks and machine quilting going on here

 hello altered book...yes more to be created this year

 oh yes .....sooooo looking forward to outdoor eating and bbq's this year

 hoping to catch a game or two of the tigers this summer

 yummy colors of embroidery thread

the garden is being planned already!